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Eyjan Company is one of the most reputable saffron suppliers from Iran.
There are various saffron suppliers from which you can buy wholesale saffron. Farmers, saffron companies, and intermediaries.
We recommend you to buy saffron from major suppliers because by buying from these centers, of which Eyjan Company is one, you can get first-hand saffron with global approvals directly from Iran or the most appropriate price.
By contacting the Eyjan support team, you can prepare and receive saffron from all over the world in any required volume throughout the year.

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The largest saffron suppliers in the world
The best saffron supplier country
The best Iranian saffron supplier
Saffron supply details by Eyjan company

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The largest saffron suppliers in the world

Hearing the name of saffron, the name of Iran comes to mind. Iran is known for producing quality saffron as well as producing a large volume of saffron.
By producing hundreds of tons of saffron in 2019, Iran is by far the largest producer of saffron in the world.
After Iran, India, Greece, Afghanistan, Morocco, Spain, Italy, China, and Azerbaijan are the largest saffron suppliers.
India, the second-largest saffron supplier in the world is famous for supplying Kashmiri saffron.
After India, Spain is the next major supplier of saffron which produces saffron that is called La Mancha.
Spain also is one of the largest importers of Iranian saffron. Which buy bulk saffron from Iran and re-export it in new packaging as Spanish saffron.
Greece is the second major saffron supplier in Europe.
Some regions in Morocco also have the condition to cultivate saffron. So morocco is another top saffron supplier.
The quality of Indian and Afghan saffron is inferior to Iranian saffron. Also, Saffron produced in Europe is more expensive.

The best saffron supplier country

saffron supplier from Iran

Saffron cultivation in Iran is several thousand years old and after years of saffron production in Iran, Iranian farmers have reached a high level of knowledge and technology for production with high-quality saffron.
With the production of about 90% of the world’s saffron, Iran is the largest saffron supply center in the world and the best market to buy first-grade saffron.
Khorasan is the most famous region in terms of saffron cultivation and supply and offers the highest quality saffron, but in addition to Khorasan, many regions in Iran have suitable conditions for saffron cultivation.
Eyjan Saffron Company, as a saffron producer, cultivates saffron in different regions of Iran or buys first-class saffron from the farmers that are under its supervision. Then Eyjan skilled Experts process and package it according to the standard to supply saffron in bulk to customers all over the world.
Many saffron suppliers in the world buy saffron from Iran and sell it to you in other countries.
Eyjan Saffron Company has made it possible for you to order high-quality Iranian saffron directly from the manufacturer and with the quality approved by the certificates and in unlimited quantities from all over the world and have it delivered to the desired place.

The best Iranian saffron supplier

saffron supplier from Iran

There are many saffron suppliers, from farmers to intermediate saffron sellers.
Unfortunately, due to the high value of Iranian saffron, many sellers try to make more profit by using different methods such as combining saffron with different ingredients or low-quality saffron to produce fake and low-quality saffron. For example, add water, sugar, or natural or even chemical dyes to saffron to make it look better or increase the weight of the product.
Therefore, you should make sure that you procure saffron from a reputable saffron supplier.

  • buying saffron from the farmers

Buying saffron from farmers seems like a good option, but they can’t guarantee the quality of their product. They also can’t provide you with high quantities of saffron and send it to you all year round.

  • Buy saffron from saffron intermediaries

Intermediaries also sell you saffron at a higher price and possibly lower quality.

  • Buy saffron from saffron producers

The best way to buy original saffron is to buy directly from saffron suppliers who are saffron manufacturers who have the ability and possibility to provide the necessary certificates and documents to prove the quality of their saffron.
Our company offers ISOs and certifications that guarantee the quality of saffron produced by Eyjan Company. Most chain stores or chain restaurants always buy saffron directly from the major Iranian saffron producer for two reasons.
Firstly, buying saffron from large suppliers can provide saffron at a lower price and reduce costs, and secondly, by buying saffron from leading saffron suppliers, you can have access to unlimited quantities of saffron at any time of the year.
By buying saffron from large saffron supplier companies such as Eyjan Company you have the opportunity to provide a variety of first-hand Iranian saffron in any required volume and at any time. Through a reputable saffron supplier company, you order quality saffron from all over the world and they send it to you.

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Saffron supply details by Eyjan company

Saffron types that Eyjan supplies

Most Iranian saffron suppliers produce and export 6 major products from the Iranian saffron.

Super Negin saffron is known as the most luxury saffron type in the market. Super Negin saffron consists of handpicking long red saffron stigmas which have a higher quality even compared to Negin.
Negin saffron is considered the highest quality saffron after Super Negin saffron. It has pure long and all red stigmas.
Sargol saffron also completely consists of saffron red stigma. But it has shorter threads compared to the Super Negin and Negin saffron.
Another Iranian saffron type is Pushal saffron that is consists of saffron stigma along with some yellow parts (saffron cream).
Bunch saffron is composed of full saffron strings that are tied together and it has a lower price because in addition to the saffron stigma it also has saffron cream and saffron root.
Saffron Price
Saffron is a valuable spice that couldn’t be sold cheaply. But Eyjan company offers premium Iranian saffron at the lowest price by removing intermediary dealers and supplying bulk saffron directly from Iran.
Premium Iranian saffron should be packaged in luxury packaging. Eyjan offers different packages in different types of weights and models that customers can choose from according to their needs.

Eyjan company minimum order quantity (MOQ)

Eyjan company minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 3kg net saffron for the saffron product in retail boxes and 5kg net bulk saffron.


We export Eyjan saffron products all around the world by airplane from the capital city of Tehran airport (IKIA).
Our delivery time is approximately 20 working days.

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