wholesale saffron very pure natural from Iran

wholesale saffron produced by Eyjan company is 100% pure and natural

Are you worried about whether you buy original saffron or not? Don’t worry any more. Eyjan saffron company with its more than 20 years of brilliant history, which originated from honesty and faithfulness as well as focusing on export  premium saffron, will make you feel relax.

We are trying around the clock to provide you with the best-quality saffron that is even higher than European standards.

In our company all the standards are observed, from the quality of saffron to its packing.

We practices by all means to avoid impurity in our saffron to have sustainable share of market; the customers’ satisfaction and growth of market share shows the Eyjan saffron company’s success in this field.

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Our most important effort

At Eyjan Saffron Company, all our efforts are first to provide premium and foremost saffron to our customers, and second, the price of Saffron offered in our company is fairer than the other offered prices by other.

Eyjan Saffron Company In addition to that offers the high-quality, pure and first class saffron to its customers, it is offered to you at a very reasonable and base price.

mean the price of our saffron is lower rather than any quality of saffron but the price of the same quality saffron purchased from the brokers.

Most of the saffron suppliers buy their saffron from Iranian saffron wholesalers but we are one of few suppliers of saffron who are farmer and produce our own saffron, so you will buy first-hand saffron from the producer directly without any dealer.

Eyjan saffron team consists of experienced personnel who each of them are full of knowledge of saffron farming and aware of all processes of cultivating saffron. This makes us to use the knowledge and experience of each employers and produce better products.

Furthermore we supply from our farmland product and we are fully aware of all processes of its production, unlike the broker sellers or other Iranian saffron wholesalers who are rarely aware of this.

About saffron price

It is possible to buy saffron from Eyjan Saffron Company with advance payment. It is possible to buy saffron from Eyjan Saffron Company with an advance payment.  Half of the price of saffron is paid in advance and the rest is paid upon delivery.

The price of buying saffron varies widely between different Iranian saffron wholesalers.  The reason for this price difference is the quality of saffron and presence the brokers.  If you buy saffron from an Iranian saffron wholesaler who is also producer of saffron, you will get the best saffron at the most reasonable price.

Another difference is the saffron packing.  Cheap saffron is often sold in delicate plastic containers, which may be done to reduce the price of saffron, but exposure of saffron to light can cause thermal and chemical reactions with the plastic that can eventually cause spice damage.

The more expensive saffron usually comes in polycrystal, glass or metal containers, with a vacuum seal and in a paper box to prevent direct light.

The benefits of buying from us

When you buy saffron from our company you can order the sample of saffron before final order, get acquainted with its quality, fragrance and powering color and if you approve, make your final order for buying kilograms of saffron.

To do this, it’s enough to order just 50 grams of any kind of saffron you want with the quality you want and it will be shipped to you.

It should be noted that shipping is not free and the sample is shipped by International postal courier, which costs a maximum of 200 grams of net weight and a maximum of 500 grams of gross 150 Canadian dollars.

Usually the dealers buy saffron and hold it a long time to sell it with more profit. So their saffron expires in this time and doesn’t have high coloring power.

We supply every year’s new product and don’t store the saffron in our company.

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